Explore Your Inner Artist This Winter


Asheville Style 2019

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Contemporaneo Asheville Gallery is excited to present celebrated Asheville artists who will teach unique and inspiring classes that showcase their knowledge and expertise of artistic expression.

Introduction to Encaustic Workshop: SO Many Options!

Wednesday March 27th, 1- 5 pm

Are you curious about encaustic (wax paint applied with heat) and how to use it? Wondering what is involved? Intimated by the notion of painting with hot wax? 



Upcoming Event: I am in Awe

April 25th - June 30thAnrika Rupp, Gayle Paul, Miguel Grillo

Looking at our planet is not enough to explain the phenomena we observe. There are many intangible and ethereal elements difficult to pinpoint, but significant in defining our human experience, emotions, personal experiences, and the vastness of space and time.

Three different visions connected with a common element of permanent search for vehicles to express what you can see or not.


 Previous Events: Lost, Loose and Loved. Foreign Artist in Paris, 1944-1968


This exhibit takes visitors on an extensive tour of the artistic production of the city of Paris during the decades following World War II. The exhibition's point of departure is the experience of the many foreign artists who came together in the french capital and helped to create an effervescent and heterogeneous cultural scene. Vassily Kandinksy, Bernard Buffet, Pablo Picasso, Bram Van Velde, Hans Hartung, Shimimki Tajiri, Pablo Palenzuelo.