Explore Your Inner Artist This Winter


Asheville Style 2019

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Contemporaneo Asheville Gallery is excited to present celebrated Asheville artists who will teach unique and inspiring classes that showcase their knowledge and expertise of artistic expression.

Learning Experience Opportunities: Embracing Abstraction with Denby Dale

JANUARY 21ST - 25TH, 1-5 PM

Expand your artistic vocabulary by discovering what abstraction means for you and your art practice. From realism-based abstraction to exploring the non-objective, there is great value in shaking up the conversations we have with our work. In this week-long workshop, we will re-visit the elements and principles of composition and design- filtered through an abstract lens – and yes they still apply! Our goal is to discover new approaches to how we source, make, experience and share our work. 



Upcoming Event:

Space, Geometry & Design • October 25th - December 31 st

This show delves into the importance of space, the systematic relationship among geometric figures, and how the multiple expressive possibilities serve as groundwork for design.