Pablo Bruera

Eppur si muove!
(But it moves!)
Driven by the desire to get new ways to fnd the same, the beauty that invites contemplation, insist on saying that moves. I refuse to sign the death warrant of beauty, of harmony and of poetry.
It moves.
Faced with the callous and cold death, made-up with diamonds, I propose, by using the humblest
materials and working with my own hands, Movement, Creation, Life.
My sculpture moves.
Craf mechanisms in harmonic balance invite handling, search and play. Links are made with
old scientifc models explaining the movement of planets. Science and research involve some
games. Learn to play and learn whilst playing. Tese sculptures are toys to investigate or research
into play. When I make them, I learn and I play. When handling parts, new harmonies arise;
unexpected shapes, unforeseen coincidences, rhymes and counterpoints between Forms and
Tey are works that require manipulation, that need to be grasped.
I fnd beauty in the different ways the sculptures can be modifed to create something new, and
there is poetry in the transient moments where the sculpture is not one thing but becoming
another. Beauty from that moment is only achieved by touching and moving the sculpture.
It moves. Move it!
By turning:
Like the planets around the Sun.
Like the terrestrial sphere, the sculptures rotate about an axis.
Like the continents moving, the planes move inside of the sphere.
Like people who interact and change the world, the viewers transform the sculpture.
Tus, in these sculptures, a part, a plane, is split from another. One afer another they are cut
away, united by formal harmony. Attached to a shaf of a shared trunk. Once given the freedom
of movement each plane from its particular position transforms and shapes the work and the
world. Te part and the whole are one.

Pablo Bruera.






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