The Laurel of Asheville

Contemporaneo Asheville

A new contemporary art gallery and downtown shop, Contemporaneo Asheville officially opens its doors this month. It will present and sell contemporary and modern paintings, sculptures and installations and offer shoppers one-of-a-kind pieces. The gallery and store is co-owned by Francisco Troconis and Gary Culbertson.

“Asheville is a city that celebrates, supports and maintains its artist communities,” says Troconis. “We were drawn to this area because we saw and experienced the love it has for a wide variety of artistic expressions.”

The Citizen Times

Asheville gallery Contemporaneo has 'something for everyone'


The gallery Contemporaneo opened April 1, not long before the building housing the Asheville Art Museum, next door, was demolished. For a while, the proprietors of Contemporaneo, Gary Culbertson and Francisco Troconis, could see from their back windows all the way out to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge on Pack Square, through the void where the museum used to be. (A wall now blocks that view.)

Culbertson looks forward to the museum's return to its home, since the shop's adjacent location was a big selling point when he and Troconis were looking for a gallery space, citing their "wonderful partnership" with the Asheville institution.


Gayle Paul, Artist


Gayle Paul has been painting for 50 years. Her large, expressive abstract works use lines and marks to create the framework for composition and color. 

“I recently told someone, when asked where my ideas originated, that I paint the adjectives and not the nouns,” she says.

Mixed media artist Denby Dale bristles at the idea that artists need to limit themselves creatively. “I have several directions in which I focus my energies in my work,” she says. “I feel that all of my areas of interest inform one another and spur new ideas in other media.”

She works in abstract drawing/painting on paper using ink, oil, cold wax, graphite, powdered graphite and chalk pastel, and creates encaustic pieces with sculptural elements. “I cast and use the encaustic paint to explore form and dimension; heated pigment wax paint is a natural fit for collage and embedding objects.” She also makes small format assemblages in the form of mixed media belt buckles that are individually titled with no design ever repeated.


Cover Artist: Denby Dale


Lecture on Art and Science at The Collider

On Tuesday, February 20, The Collider and Contemporaneo Asheville present Art, the Scientific Method and the Aesthetics of the Real, a lecture by artist, photographer and engineer Anrika Rupp. “Anrika was our first solo show,” says Francisco Troconis, co-owner with Gary Culbertson of Contemporaneo Asheville. “She is a brilliant example of Anrika Rupp, artist American contemporary art, searching always for new media to bring to life her artistic creations.” After the talk, Contemporaneo Asheville will host a reception at their gallery.