Mercedes Lara

"Time began being my obsession of which I speak with my changing pieces. For this I use the variable light as cycles and with it the color transforms my paintings. But time can not be separated from space, then the chromatic changes that indicate the passage of time, happen somewhere. With the light or the imitated color or try to interpret the time, its change, its continuous movement and our perception eternally different. All I do is put pieces of earth in boxes, as the Little Prince would with his lamb and pierce these boxes.

Space and time, are the big concerns, and yet we have absolutely no control over them, they are beyond our reach, they are a kind of holes from which we can not escape. I intend with my work to be aware of the passage of one and the mutation of the other. And looking for materials that would allow me to create the surface that I needed at each moment I found myself face to face with porcelain, a material that has enthused me, for its elegance, fragility and at the same time its incredible hardness, as well as allowing highly resistant enamels."