Mariana Copello

I locate my art into a neo-minimalist field. I look for the aesthetic of beauty and the harmonic consolidation of the rectilinear form. I sought to carry the artwork to its minimum and pure expression, to maintain the consonance and to achieve a great visual effect.

In my sculptures and installations I have been developing a simple geometry, with a highly industrialized finish in a constant search of interplay with the space to create physical and virtual volumes that are able to awake our senses. Throughout my creative process I feel passionate writing my ideas to become a better communicator. I work with a wide range of materials also in diverse sizes from monumental to small scale. I want to create sculptures that transform the visual environment, the function and the architecture of the place.

Bright colors are an important element in my creation. Each color has a visual vibration that hints into melodious rhythms.

In recent projects I have been mesmerized by the effect of light in my work. The dialogue between the luminous, chromatic and linear compositions. A poetic aura of Light, Hue and most important the rectilinear Line very much present, always defining my artistic language.

 “Art is the most intimate and deepest root of the human being to express himself freely as an individual. Art is life, passion, harmony.”

Mariana Copello




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