Mariana Copello

My work is inspired by music and its melodic dynamism. Music is represented in my pieces through repetition, alteration and a combination of forms, lines and colors. I combine and re-combine them into different rectangular units resulting in a levitating composition that gives each piece a special reverberation. Bright colors are also an important element to the musical resonance in my creation. Each color has a visual vibration that hints into melodious rhythms.

I want to create pieces that enrich life. I always say: “A sculpture is a space that you steal from the universe…”

Each person has a different way to perceive a piece. In my work you can be captivated by the form or by the color, or by both. The important thing is to get immersed in them.

I locate my art into a neo-minimalist field with strong rectangular shapes superimposed each one on top of the other following the golden ratio. I look for the aesthetic of beauty and the harmonic consolidation of the rectilinear form.

“My goal through my work is to develop an experience that let us discover a new way of art, where being the protagonist, you can create your own symphony".


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