Lorena Morales

Her work focuses on the possibility of telling tales related to the impermanence of reality, movement of time and perception of home by using lines, shapes, and colors. Recollections of familiar sounds, everyday scents and reoccurring images, from both my birth home and my adoptive home, become abstract as they interweave within me and bubble to the surface in my mind. Through the use of vivid colors and geometric shapes over transparent surfaces, my works propose a visual passage evoking memories, emotions, and expectations.

Nostalgia and joy are intrinsic in my work; they are on display in my use of color and in the relationship between lines and shapes; they appear and disappear as light changes or the viewer moves; they may
shift positions, but their presence is still perceived in each piece through the relationship between the materiality of the media choices and the immateriality of the dynamic relationship of light and shadows.