John Diamond Nigh

The Paintings: MY paintings are inspired by water, blackness and circles. If there is one shape embedded deep in our unconscious minds, from which language and symbols and sex and laughter all spring, it is a circle. As a young man, I hiked a lot in Ontario. For hours I could sit and watch a shallow creek or river flowing over rocks, fluid over solid, a metaphor for time, for life itself.

Black: Sometimes people frown. So grim. The color of sin. Well, that's our western bias. In fact black is the richest, most joyful color on earth.

Abstraction is old. We forget that.

The Light Sculptures: I believe in mystery. Light brings such magic into a room, such delicate enchantment, especially when you can dim or brighten it  at will. It does more for the spirit that a glass of the best Shiraz in the world.  Light attracts the eye, it rest there, often without being conscious of it. So why not to make that floating to and resting on as special as we can?

The photographs: I just love museums. If one could have sex in a museum, I probably would die. These photographs commemorate that love.