Javier Bellomo

My works have a strong anchor in the person, in the being that I find behind the faces of my people, it is from there where the conversation takes place. Topics that are part of the structure of being are those that attract me to develop, issues such as thought, the structure of the unconscious, fragility, multiplicity. Each one of those constituent parts of the being are putting together a kind of big puzzle that is the objective of my work. For this I relate to my next world, friends and acquaintances, with whom I am working in a permanent process.

The materiality of the work is another of the important factors, experimentation and the search for means that accommodate the idea with which I work. The tests and errors in my workshop form one of the key elements in the work. Each step I take is the way I choose to open my world to the world, that is what is reflected in this web: my way of looking, of counting, my small contribution.






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