Elvis Joan Suarez

In Elvis Joan Suárez's plastic work, we get the influence of Minimalism, Venezuelan Cineticism and Zen gardens, as well as the graphic scores of composers Earle Brown, ToruTakemitsu and Morton Felman. His work Rombo N ° 1, was released in 2004 at the Irish Guitar Festival, at the Center for Creative & Media Studies, University of Ulster Magne Campus, Derry. From the idea of the symbolism of the Rombo, Suárez describes in a synaesthetic way the man and the four elements of nature, through a projection of colors in full interpretation.

Elvis Joan Suárez begins then to shape his musical thought, that is his sonorous world, no longer in a role or pentagram, as composers are accustomed, but he now uses materials such as: canvas, wood, wire, glass, plexiglass for resolution of his pictorial-musical concerns. Suárez in his work seeks synesthesia, placing in his paintings sound pipes refined with accuracy to evoke color along with sound. In his Performance he uses musicians, and dancers who draw with his body a cloth placed on the ground, impregnating with color the empty plane, the most interesting thing of this is that the same artist composes the music of the dance.





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