Alicia Rodriguez

Mi work is intimate, it's about the relationship to signs and lost of their significant, myths that mirrors the human approach to myth and oracles that hide crucial information. The growth of soul through alchemy that translates in the search of the perfect image the " OPUS MAGNUM " that keeps hiding in the mist.

I part from a conflict, it could come in a dream o in real life. I put it in words and the star hunting for the image, once this is done the image calls for a medium, now the fun starts. I start experimenting with different techniques while the image macerates, this part of the process can take time until it matures and it's ready.

Now I'm in the stage of experimenting with fused glass, ceramics and resin. Trying to find water, ice, water creatures. Also working in a collaboration with a ceramist that does erotic art. About materials, I'll use whatever I can put my hands on, from petroleum to silk stockings, neon bulbs and reclaimed glass, drifted wood, recycled fabric, etc. My ambition is that the viewer can feel the reflection of themselves and there inner essence.

I believe that we all carry a genetic information that no matter race, nationality or upbringing, is the same, it's genetic memory. This genetic memory is exactly what is going to get the spectator to find himself and become part of the game.




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